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About Craig Bryon

After nearly two decades in sales, Craig embarked on his photography career in 2009, discovering a passion for commercial and entertainment photography. Over the years, Craig has collaborated with notable clients in the entertainment industry, including Tim Williams (The Trivago Guy), rock band 311, the Pixies, Sammy Hagar, The Impractical Jokers, The Piano Guys, Net Jets, Les Inrockuptibles Magazine, Live Nation, and more. His work has graced global publications, websites, album covers, TV shows, and artist projects.

In 2016, Craig developed a new passion for real estate and architecture photography, ultimately transitioning to it as his full-time career in mid-2019.

Craig often reflects, "There's something profound about entering a well-designed home or building and experiencing the beautiful work created by a design team or builder. Just as viewing a breathtaking outdoor scene can instantly uplift one's mood."

"With my real estate and architectural photography, my goal is to capture artistic images that convey the designer's visual intent. I focus on compositions that authentically represent the space, allowing viewers to feel as if they are present in the real environment."

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