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Real Estate Photography FAQs

  • Do you have Supra access?
    Craig does have Supra access in the Lufkin TX area.
  • What is your turnaround time for real estate photography?
    In most cases, turnaround time for real estate photography is same day delivery.
  • Can I tailor-make a package that fits my needs?
    Absolutely! You can customize your preferred photo packages with any of your listings.
  • Do you edit your own photos?
    Yes, Craig personally edits all of his work. No outsourcing is ever done, so you can rest assured that your photos will always have a consistent look.
  • Do you provide Matterport or video tours?
    At this time, Craig does not offer these two products. With the exception of aerial video, his focus is solely on photography. This is how he's able to provide you with superior quality and same day turnaround time at an extremely affordable price.
  • Why do your photos look so realistic compared to others?
    In short, Craig has spent many years perfecting his shooting and editing technique. He doesn't take shortcuts or outsource his editing.
  • Who owns the photos after the shoot?
    The photographer always owns the rights to the photos, unless other arrangements have been made. Craig is providing his clients with a license to use the images until the current listing is sold or terminated. Photos are also non-transferable to another agent unless Craig has given his ok to do so. If he does approve this, a new licensing fee may be presented to the receiving agent before the transfer of the images takes place.
  • Can you upload the photos to MLS for me?
    Absolutely, and this is provided free of charge.
  • I would like to upload the photos to MLS myself. Can you send me the photos?
    Yes, if you choose to upload them to MLS yourself, Craig will provide you with a google drive link where you can access the photos to upload.
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