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About Craig Bryon

After spending almost two decades in sales, it was in 2009 that Craig began his photography career where he quickly discovered his passion for commercial and entertainment photography.  Since then, Craig has worked with many big name clients in the entertainment industry such as; Tim Willimas (The Trivago Guy), rock band 311, the Pixies, Sammy Hagar, The Impractical Jokers, The Piano Guys, Net Jets, Les Inrockuptibles Magazine, Live Nation, and many more.  Craig's work has been published across the globe in numerous publications.  His work has also been published on many websites, album covers, TV shows, and in artist's projects.


In 2016 Craig found yet another passion photographing real estate and architecture projects.  In mid 2019 he decided to make real estate and architectural photography his full time career.

Craig has been quoted saying, "There's something to be said about walking into a well designed home or building and seeing the beautiful work a design team or builder has created. In an instant, it can change a person's entire mood in the same way viewing a breathtaking scene in the outdoors can."


"With my real estate and architectural work, I strive to create artistic images that express the visual intent of the designer. Using the right compositions to convey how a room or structure actually looks in person, in-turn provides the viewer with a feeling of being in the real space itself."

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